My Lace Designs


Although I have dedicated many years to creating Hinojosa’s laces, my interest as designer leads me to new creations which let me combine colors, shapes, and stitches together with the skills acquired along these years. Modern or contemporary laces fit these requirements. Some of the pieces are Author’s lace, which has been submitted to contests, other I have prepared the pattern to be worked by other lacemakers. 

Color in lace

I enjoy applying color to lace. It is about "painting with colored threads", mixing and shading them,... bobbin lace allows spectacular combinations to be made by combining textures and colors

Lace & fashion

During the last few years, I designed some dress pieces, dress applications, bags, shawls, and vests....

In November 2014,  I was fortunate in attending a workshop with the great  Czech lace designer Jana Novak. In 2016 I was invited to participate in a Fashion Show during the Tonder Knipling’s Festival.  Four pieces were displayed: A shawl, a vest, and two top dress. My Spanish lace colleague Encarna Gonzalez also participated with two pieces: A vest and one “poncho”. 


Since I was a child I have always loved to wear jewelry items that have been part of my personal look. As soon as I discovered the possibilities of design that bobbin lace provided me, I decided to make my own designs. Here there is a sample too. 

Peculiar Designs

Here I present a catalog of some of the fans designed by me in recent years, in different techniques and worked by several lacemakers. The models that appear in the video belong to my collection and others to private collections.

I dedicate part of my time to the design of lace for antique fans, taking into account the fan sticks style, either standard or with asymmetrical or unusual shapes. If you have old fan sticks with fabric or lace damaged over time, do not hesitate to contact me, this is your chance to renew it and enjoy it again. Although they have different and capricious shapes as the ones below.

My computer design work allows getting a totally reliable adjustment to the measurements.

Also miniature fans.

Asymmetrical fansticks

Inusual lace fan shape

Pattern project